Swimwear for little beach lovers.


Every day should be spent frolicking in the water. Let's roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Let’s be wild, barefoot, and free - clutching a full sippy cup of juice.


bees knees beach

Bee’s Knees Beach uses fabrics with a sun protection rating of 50+ and makes the swimsuits locally in Vancouver BC

It all started when…

Sue found herself looking for a swimsuit for her little girl, Nico. She wanted
something different, practical and stylish. Having studied art at Emily Carr
she had an appreciation for fashion. She thought about designing a suit
with her mom, Chris, who studied fashion at VCC and they began
sketching designs and fashioning the look.

After three months of perfecting the suit, they took little Nico to play with
her friends at the beach, they received many compliments. The unique,
fresh look was super popular. Sue and Chris felt encouraged to start
making these suits for other people and later formed their line, which is
lovingly known as “Bee’s Knees” (Bee’s Knees: awesome!).

The styles of the suits was inspired by the 1920s, a decade that also
heralded the birth of sports wear. The fabrics they use afford wildly
comfortable fit as well as high sun protection. The 80% nylon and 20%
Lycra composition insure the suits dry quickly and retain they incredible

Sue and Chris are supporting the local economy by having the suits made
in Vancouver. They’ve formed close relationships with their local
manufacturers, so they have quality control at each stage of development.