How can you protect your kiddies from the sun?

Children love the outdoors, but their skin is sensitive at a young age. Research has shown that too much exposure to UV rays can affect the immune system and damage the skin. However, we don’t want to keep them indoors as they’re happiest when outside!

So, what can you do?

Apply a high SPF sunscreen, but as a staple, dress them in sun-smart clothing in and out of the water. You can have peace of mind knowing that our swimsuits are tested and rated with a UPF 50+ so your littles may splash and play to their hearts’ content!

Our suits are made with 20% spandex (Lycra) and 80% nylon. This combination ensures a smooth fit, fast drying and comfortable feeling. So, time to go pack that beach bag with a Bees Knees Beach suit, sunnies, but just don’t forget the snacks!